Web Development

"Advanced Certification in Web Development"

we provide PHP course by Reatime working developers with CMS Live project

Web Development  (Duration- 2 months)

We are taking PHP Classes with Real-time working Developers. by end of the course we provide CMS Live Project also...

Course Modules:

HTML [HTML4.01, XHTML1.0, HTML5.0]:
  • Introduction HTML, New Features in HTML 5.0
  • HTML Syntax and Rules
  • Head Section, Meta tags, scripts, CSS, Elements, Attributes and Values
  • Layouts (Table, DIV’s, HTML5) & Paragraph
  • Links (Anchor Links, Email Links, Named Anchor Links)
  • Forms, Form methods, Inputs, HTML Validations
  • Design a website Using Tools
  • Introduction CSS
  • CSS Types (Inline, Internal, External)
  • Selectors (Universal Selectors, ID Selectors, Class Selectors, Attribute Selectors etc..)
  • Properties(Type,  Background, Block, Box, List, Border, Positioning)
  • Create layout using HTML with CSS
  • New Features in CSS3.0
Javascript & Jquery:
  • Introduction JavaScript, Jquery
  • Jquery Syntax, Comments  and Types
  • Rules in JavaScript
  • Functions ,Variables, Events, alert, operators, Statements, Loops,array, strings
  • Form Validation and Other Examples
  • Gallery, Slideshows, menus, other resources Implementation
  • Introduction PHP
  • PHP Setup (XAMPP)
  • PHP Syntax
  • Data Types, Variables, Variable Scope
  • Comments
  • Operators
  • Operators (Arithmetic, Assignment, Increment and Decrement, Conditional, Logical )
  • statements (Conditional, If, If else, If else if, Nested If, Switch)
  • Loops(For, For each, While Loop, Do while)
  • Functions (User defined, Pre-defined, Return type)
  • Arrays
  • Includes, GET, POST Methods
  • Files (Introduction, File creation, File opening, File closing, Read a file, Write a file, File deletions)
  • Forms
  • Accessing a form data
  • Usage of Get method of a form
  • global variables
  • Usage of post method of form
  • File upload
  • Date and its functions
  • MySQL Database Introduction
  • PHP my Admin
  • PHP MySQL Integration
  • Connecting Database
  • Creating Database
  • Create Table in database
  • Insert Records in Table using PHP and PHPmyadmin
  • Records Edit and deleting using PHPmyadmin
  • SQL Queries
  • Joins
JQuery & Ajax:
  • Installing Ajax
  • AJAX Request (GET, POST)
  • AJAX Events
  • AJAX URL concepts
  • Improving page performance using AJAX
  • CMS (Content Management System) in website
  • Basic Shopping cart
  • Basic Training and job Portals


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