Diploma in 3D Animation

"Advanced Certification in Diploma in 3D Animation"

we are offering 3D Animation Course by expert faculty.

DIPLOMA in 3D ANIMATION (Duration - 8 Months)

Maya Modelling
~ Creating primitive objects
~ Moving Objects in the 3D Space
~ Maya View Tools
~ Layouts, Saved Layouts
~ Channel Box and Manipulators
~ Grouping and Parenting
~ Spline Modelling
~ About Nurbs (Non-uniform rational B-spline)
~ Creating Curve and Surfaces
~ Attaching and closing Surfaces
~ Duplicating curves
~ Lofting and revolving surfaces
~ Procedural Modeling
~ Create complex objects scenes using scripts as an alternative to GUI – based tools
~ Fast work of importing Adobe Illustrator files into Maya for text and Logo treatments.
Rendering Overview
~ What is rendering
~ How Maya renders
~ Shader Networks
~ Shading Groups
~ Materials
~ Lights
~ Maya architecture
~ Nodes and Attributes
~ Hyper Graph
~ IPR (Interactive Photo realistic Rendering)
~Type of lights – usage of each, techniques for each
~ Light Linking
~ New linking to Objects (and sets) workflow
~ Reason for light linking – matching live footage lighting
~ Light attributes – What you’re adjusting and why – show manipulators
~ Light Fog
~ Intensity Curves
~ Depth map
~When and Why to use
~ Reuse / Share depth maps
~ Ray traced
What, When and why to use
~ Shadow Techniques (For realism and Optimization)
~ Adding hard or soft shadows to a scene
~ Shafts of Light – light fog
~ Trouble – shooting section for shadow problems
Motion Blur
OptiFX Techniques and Tips
~Occlusion – as applies to light glow
~ Auto – exposure – as applies to Shader Glow

Rendering Performance
~Selective Ray tracing
~Multithreaded tile – based batch renderer concepts
General Animation
~ Powerful Keyframing Tools
~First Cut, copy and paste of animated objects in the timeline
~Animation playblast for rapid review of complex scenes
~ Path Animation
~Animate an object along a curve or surface Edit path or other animation parameters during playback;
~ Set Driven Key
~ Establish Relationships where one action automatically drives another
~ Dope sheet
~  Rapid and intuitive global editing of keyframe timing
~Channel Box
~ Quickly edit an Object’s attributes, one or more fields at a time
~ Graph Editor
~ Precise Controlling on animated parameter changes over time
Generalized Constraints
~ Comprehensive assortment of constraints
Maya Fusion LE
~ For image file translations, and getting content to and from videotape
Organic Modeling
~Rebuilding surfaces
~Editing Control Vertices (CV)
~ NURBS Boolean
~ Apply subtraction, intersect and union Operations across multiple NURBS surfaces
~ Round
~ Create rounded bevels of constant radius on any NURBS object
~ Surface Offset
~ Create new surfaces, offset from original specific value.
~ Working with trimmed or untrimmed surfaces
~ Enhanced Extrude
~ Scale and Rotation Control for extruding a curve along a path
~ Square
~ Create NURBS from up to 4 curves
~ Global Stitching
~ Stitching multiple adjoining surfaces together with full continuity
~ Subdivision of Surfaces
Maya Artisan
~ Artisan’s natural brush interface to interactivity sculpt and Paint attributes      on polygons and NURBS or add objects to surfaces
Dependency Graph
~ Nodes, Attributes
~ Connections
~ Hierarchies and Dependencies
~ Shading group nodes
Deformation Tools
~ Lattices
~ Sculpt Object
~ Wires
~ Rigid Body Dynamics
~ Realistic high speed simulation of multiple rigid objects
~ Dynamic Constraints such as nails, hinges, barriers, pins and springs
~ Soft Body Dynamics
~ Simulation of flexible objects
~ Creation of secondary motion effects like muscle jiggles, floppy hats etc
~ Powerful Spring architecture
~ Extensible Integrated Particle System
~ Powerful integrated particle system with expression based control over              particle attributes, motion and dynamics
Rotation, scaling, translation or parenting
~ Manipulating particle, fields and emitters
~ Textured control of particle emission
~ Geometry instancing on single or cycling geometry onto any particle
~ Particle collision
~ Particle Time Control
~ Precise keyframe control by adjusting the base timing for each individual particle object effect
~ Fields
~ Applying fields like gravity, vortex, air, turbulance etc.
~ Custom fields via extensive dynamics API
~ ClipFX
~ Library of ready – made effects like fire, curve and surface flow, shatter, fireworks and lighting
Software Particle Rendering
Character Animation
~ Pose Based Characters
~ Skeletons and Inverse Kinematics (IK)
~ Skinning
~ Advance Layered Deformations
~ Integrated sound Synchronization
~ Integrated Motion Capture Concepts

Maya Cloth
~ Create any Fashion in any Fabric
~ Animate any Fabric object
~ Unique Solver
~ Integration with Maya
Maya Fur
~ Artisan User Interface
~ Using Artisan to paint fur
~ Using the Artisan brush to comb the hair
~ Multiple Fur Type
~ Using Multiple fur types
~ Assigning Attributes to fur
~ Applying Texture on the fur
~ Animating Fur
~ Fur Rendering
Match Moving Using Maya Live
~ Match 3D Elements with Live action shots
~ Extract an exact duplicate of the original camera from live action footage to precisely match the original motion and seamlessly blend live action and CG
~ Camera movement support

Final Project

Student should prepare show-reel, which can be used for applying jobs. Certificate will be issued only on completion of show-reel.


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